Company Profile

Herpetological Resource and Management (HRM) is a Michigan-based firm that prides itself on exceptional service. Our team maintains a strong work ethic and exercises sound scientific judgment. We are dedicated to providing top quality, cost effective, timely and accurate environmental service to our private, non-profit and public clients, including federal, state, and local governments. HRM offers a unique blend of environmental services that provide our clients with a wide range of options, including threatened and endangered species surveys, biological inventories, wildlife response, habitat mapping, design and plan review, wetland delineation and mitigation, and much more. We have the knowledge and experience to satisfy our client’s needs while saving money, time, and our natural resources.

HRM Philosophy

HRM understands that impacts to the environment are inevitable. However, we also believe that humanity has an obligation to minimize these impacts and mitigate the damages. Our role at HRM is to provide our clients with sound, scientifically supported recommendations to best manage their natural resources while still meeting the needs of our growing community. We believe the role of the environmental professional should be to provide an educated evaluation of the impacts that a project will have and propose ecologically-sound alternatives that diminish the deleterious effects to our resources.