Wildlife Response

HRM is a uniquely qualified firm in responding to wildlife recovery. We are experts at wildlife response and have pioneered techniques and protocols used in major environmental events. We have worked with multiple clients rescuing and relocating wildlife associated with construction activates, contaminant spill response, habitat restoration and other activates. Our team is HAZWOPER trained and experienced in rapid response and working in dangerous conditions. Let HRM show you how you can save time, money, resources and wildlife!

  • Wildlife Rescue and Recovery
    • HRM is a leader in rescue and recovery techniques and maintains current HAZWOPER training. Rescue and recovery includes responding to reports of damaged wildlife, treating wildlife injuries and contamination ethically and with specialized care, captive care of threatened individuals until future re-release, and participating in natural disaster wildlife response. Animal records a maintained utilizing HusbandryPro.
  • Translocation and Repatriation
    • As part of habitat damage mitigation, restoration, or in response to a contamination event, translocation of wildlife to a new site can be the best practice to ensure conservation.  If a contaminated or disturbed site is sufficiently restored, repatriation of organisms can be carried out.
  • Captive Breeding and Headstarting of Herpetofauna
    • HRM is active in several captive breeding and headstarting conservation programs for turtles and other herpetofauna. These programs increase hatchling success rates and can mitigate negative pressures on a population.
  • Capture, Cleaning and Husbandry of Contaminated Amphibians and Reptiles
    • In response to environmental contamination events, HRM can be integral to the safe, efficient capture and cleaning of animals in a situation that is time-sensitive and publicly visible. Proper husbandry following decontamination is critical to maintain the health of animals until they are returned to their natural environment.