Endangered Species Act Consultation

Rare, threatened, endangered, imperiled, special concern,and species at risk: HRM has experience working with a broad range of protected animals and plants at the state, provincial and federal level. We can provide a variety of services with the goal of minimizing impacts to threatened species.

  • Rare species surveys, inventory and monitoring
  • Critical habitat and home range mapping
  • Permitting
  • Rescue, Relocation and Translocation
  • Reptile Headstarting
  • Minimization and Avoidance Review

Among other species, the HRM team has worked with:

  • Eastern Fox Snake, Copper-bellied Watersnake and Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake
  • Blanchard’s Cricket Frog
  • Spotted, Wood, Blanding’s and Eastern Box Turtle
  • Mitchell’s Satyr
  • Karner Blue
  • Prairie Fringed Orchid
  • Painted Trillium
  • Dwarf Lake Iris