Avian Services

HRM’s avian team offer full project support with exceptional experience in bird identification, natural history, survey methodologies, impact mitigation, and regulatory compliance.  We complete:

  • Avian risk assessments
  • Habitat assessments
  • Threatened and endangered species surveys
  • Pre/post-construction avian use and abundance studies
  • Avian protection plans
  • Agency consultation/coordination.

HRM routinely completes avian surveys, assessments, and project support for wind energy developers, transportation clients, utility clients, and development clients.  Our avian specialists are skilled in the identification of North American birds by sight and sound, and are accustomed to conducting avian surveys in forest, grassland, wetland, and agricultural settings.

Our team is proficient in established bird survey methodologies including:

  • Nest searches;
  • Territory mapping;
  • Trapping and banding;
  • Behavioral observations;
  • Line transect surveys;
  • Point count surveys;
  • Broadcast call surveys; and
  • Mortality surveys.

In addition, our professional staff regularly assess the risks and uncertainties associated with avian impacts, coordinate with regulatory resource agencies, and develop protection plans to mitigate avian impacts and reduce liability