• Herpetological Services

    Herpetological Services

    These services are HRM’s specialty. We offer full project support with exceptional experience in reptile and amphibian identification, natural history, survey methodologies, impact mitigation, conservation technique implementation, and regulatory compliance. Our services include: Inventory Monitoring Wildlife [...]

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  • Inventories and Monitoring

    Inventories and Monitoring

    Through novel and scientifically tested methodology, HRM provides top quality biological inventories and assessments for our clients. Through these investigations we are able to advise our clients as to the best action to take to preserve community composition and achieve their desired goals. Our staff has [...]

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  • Wildlife Response

    Wildlife Response

    HRM is a uniquely qualified firm in responding to wildlife recovery. We are experts at wildlife response and have pioneered techniques and protocols used in major environmental events. We have worked with multiple clients rescuing and relocating wildlife associated with construction activates, contaminant spill [...]

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  • Delineation and Mapping

    Delineation and Mapping

    HRM has a long history of habitat mapping. A critical part of any wildlife related project is a firm understanding of the landscape and ecological communities contained within it. We provide our clients with a suite of available mapping options. We put our years of experience in GIS, GPS, and …

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  • Design and Review

    Design and Review

    A critical part of any project is effective, innovative design and review. We specialize in providing our clients with critical, environmentally-minded review of plans. Our staff has years of experience designing and reviewing site plans that maximize natural resource protection. We have worked with state and [...]

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  • Conservation and Restoration

    Conservation and Restoration

    Habitat loss, from vernal pools to beech-maple forests, has resulted in fragmentation and the decline ofnumerous populations of plant and animal species. At HRM we provide expert consultation services to government agencies, non-profits, and private clients. Using standard and state-of-the-art procedures, we [...]

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  • Training and Stewardship

    Training and Stewardship

    We believe education and community involvement are key elements of environmental stewardship. HRM offers a variety of services intended to provide outstanding, unique training opportunities as well as excellent opportunities to involve citizens in protecting, restoring and monitoring habitats. These services, in [...]

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  • Endangered Species Act Consultation

    Endangered Species Act Consultation

    Rare, threatened, endangered, imperiled, special concern,and species at risk: HRM has experience working with a broad range of protected animals and plants at the state, provincial and federal level. We can provide a variety of services with the goal of minimizing impacts to threatened species. Rare species [...]

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