Eastern Milk Snake


Scientific Name: Lampropeltis triangulum triangulum
Size: 24 – 52” (adult total length)
Status: Locally common throughout most of its range.


Eastern Milk Snake


Occupies a wide variety of habitats, from open woodlands, bogs, swamps, and woodland edges, to marshes, lake shorelines, old fields, pastures, suburban parks, and gardens.

Adult Coloration:

Gray or tan with a row of brown or reddish brown blotches edged in black. These markings alternate with one or two rows of smaller blotches on the sides. Often there is a light Y- or V-shaped mark on the back of the head. Belly white, cream, or pale yellow with irregular checkerboard pattern of black spots, which may fade to dark coloration with age. y.

Adult Characteristics:

Slender and medium sized with smooth scales and single anal plate.

Juvenile Characteristics:

More brightly colored than adults with black-bordered red or maroon blotches on pale gray dorsum. Range from 6.6 – 11” in length at hatching.

Scale Count:

Usually 21 scale rows at midbody

Species Confused With:

Water snakes have keeled scales and divided anal plates. Juveniles most often mistaken for juvenile Racers, Black Rat Snakes, and Fox Snakes, but these also have a divided anal plate


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